Vice President of Construction

As Vice President of Construction, Will provides day-to-day leadership and management to BerryHutton’s Walmart construction team, overseeing the operations and successes of the office and the field. Born and raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Will began his career in construction when he joined the BerryHutton team in 2015.  He served in various positions from project engineer to senior project manager. His professional growth included contributions to a variety of projects; however, his ability to accept a new challenge and build and support a strong Walmart program resulted in his current leadership position.

At the beginning of 2023, Will had managed over 200 projects with Walmart.  These projects included building ground-up grocery stores as well renovating and remodeling older grocery stores and supercenters.  Will’s knowledge of the market grew and expanded alongside the market’s expansion into fuel stations, distribution centers, medical clinics, and even into discount retail warehouse projects.  As consumers continue to support growth in the U.S. grocery store market through their desire to eat at home and shop from new and evolving grocery stores, Will and his BerryHutton team will remain committed to building projects that exceed the current expectations and standards.

The value Will possesses in accepting new challenges and building strong relationships at work extends to his personal life as well.  In the summer, Will and his wife enjoy spending most of their free time on the lake with family. In the winter, you will find him in pursuit of his hunting passion alongside his avid duck hunting friends.