Mod Wash



A sleek, modern & durable car wash building is a major factor in the success of your car wash business. At Berry Construction, our car wash structures meet all three criteria. Car wash operations typically generate consistent great revenue for commercial operators.

We build car wash structures and tunnel buildings for automatic or self serve car wash operators. Our buildings can be time tested traditional designs, or a sleek modern glass alternative.  Because customers often prefer one type of car wash over another, a common solution is that a car wash business owner will add a self service car wash enclosure to an automatic car wash to provide clients with a choice between the two.

Berry Construction provides a multitude of options that will allow you to customize your car wash building to fit your business needs. The options are nearly endless to customize your commercial car wash structure. We offer choices of color and materials. We also offer upgrades such as vacuum islands, equipment rooms, chaseway, roof panels and knee walls.

A car wash tunnel structure is a great way to handle high volume traffic and provide a short wait time for your customers. Satisfied customers will keep them coming back.

As your customers can easily drive their cars through the tunnel structure, the labor expense necessary for the operation of a car wash tunnel is relatively low.

Size is an important factor when designing your car wash building. Keep in mind that larger buildings such as tunnel washes will improve the performance of your car wash. This design also gives you more flexibility with the types of car wash equipment you can use. A larger tunnel structure will give you a greater output, which means more revenue for your car wash business. 

Berry Construction is a highly qualified, experienced and professional team with all of the resources needed for the design and construction of your car wash projects. Contact the experts at Berry Construction for all of your car wash construction project needs.