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Cinema construction projects run the gamut from constructing entirely new facilities to the expansion, renovation and adaptive reuse of existing theaters. 

Berry Construction has had the honor of building movie theaters and entertainment complexes for national clients. Although cinema projects present a multitude of unique challenges, they are also enjoyable and rewarding for our professional project teams to work on.

New Cinema Construction

The construction of new theater and entertainment complexes may appear simple, but these projects actually require a unique approach prior to and during the  entire general contracting process.

Each and every auditorium in a multiplex cinema facility must be constructed much as if it was a freestanding building. This attention detail ensures the best possible experience for movie-goers by mitigating sound transfer to adjacent auditoriums. As a direct consequence, our project managers must develop advanced critical path method (CPM) scheduling protocols for each auditorium as well as for the entire project.

The process of scheduling each phase of the project with trade contractors and material suppliers presents a complex logistical puzzle that requires a concentrated attention to detail. This is a challenge that Berry Construction has risen to and overcome on multiple occasions.


Cinema  Renovation & Remodel

Cinemas and entertainment complexes regularly renovate or remodel their facilities entirely to add up to date amenities and refresh the interior appointments.

These projects may transform the auditorium spaces, adding such modern marvels as premium seating and upgrading projection, sound and lighting systems. An update of snack bar and box-office facilities is also commonly included in cinema renovation and remodel projects, as cinemas increasingly add higher-quality food services, bars and lounges.

At Berry Construction, our project management and site supervision teams are equipped to tackle all of the unique logistical challenges associated with the design and configuration of Cinemas, Theaters, and Entertainment Complexes. 

At Berry Construction, we take great pride in the exceptional quality of our work in all sectors, and our cinema projects are no exception. Berry Construction is  a highly qualified, experienced and professional team with all of the resources needed for the design and construction of your cinema and entertainment facility projects. Please contact us to learn more about how the Berry Construction team can help you construct your cinema project.