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A historic building can present a unique opportunity for your business to be part of a vital downtown community. Along with the opportunity, the restoration or construction, renovation and re-purposing of historic properties presents many unique challenges.

First and foremost are all of the unknowns involved with such a project. It is routine once work begins to find additional issues that must be addressed in order for the building to be structurally sound, functional, safe, and code compliant. This is in addition to all of the usual commercial building, safety and fire code requirements. In addition, many municipalities have very stringent imitations on how a historic building may be altered or used. Berry Construction is experienced with these issues, and will work with you every step of the way to ensure a successful outcome to your historic building project.

A successful historic building project involves indentifying and budgeting for potential problems before the project begins. This requires a company well versed in these issues and the most efficient way to effectively resolve them. Berry Construction has the experience and knowledge to see your historic building construction project through to a successful completion. 

Berry Construction is a highly qualified, experienced and professional team with all of the resources needed for the design and construction of your historic building projects. Contact the experts at Berry Construction for all of your historic building construction project needs.