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Building a new office facility can be a game changer for a business. The flow of your space can significantly improve the way your business operates, and the goal is turning the business generated by your investment into profit.

Unfortunately, things rarely go exactly as planned. Sometimes there are unexpected obstacles that cause issues. It is important to choose an experienced general contractor who can work with to overcome the obstacles. Berry Construction has a long history of overcoming the challenges and delivering a successful outcome.

Some of these obstacles include:

Existing Property
If your business is moving into an existing property undergoing renovation, there are often unexpected delays that arise. The process of opening up old walls and floors often reveal hidden issues. The renovation could expose pipes that need replacement, termites, or rotten wood.

In addition, issues with installing new electrical in existing facilities can also cause delays and extra costs. These issues are rarely accounted for in planning, but must be addressed for construction to continue.

Cost Management
Whether your office building already exists or is being built from the ground up, it is an expensive endeavor, so you want to make sure the contractor has accurately accounted for all costs. Change orders alter the final bill and cause headaches for owners who didn’t budget for extra cost. At Berry Construction, our experience allows us to identify these issues earlier, so there are fewer surprises.

Local Government Regulations
 Some municipalities and counties have strictly enforced regulations that can alter your building plans. At Berry Construction, our experienced project managers and personnel are familiar with the process of compliance with local regulations and can ensure your office is built in a timely manner with minimal headaches.

For any type of office construction, contact a group of building professionals who get the project accomplished in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Berry Construction has been providing office construction services in the southeast since 1992. Berry Construction is  a highly qualified, experienced and professional team with all of the resources needed for the design and construction of your office construction projects. Please contact us to learn more about how the Berry Construction team can help you construct your office project.